Welcome to my TdA - Event at 2012!

My name is Christian and I‘m from Zurich, Switzerland.

Christian Sailer

I have been cycling for a long, long time... I think since I was a pupil riding to school because I could never stand walking. During the last ten years, I participated in popular races all around in Switzerland and in Italy, but I never was a Pro-Rider.

I received my MSc in Geography from the University of Zurich and along my „scientific“ time I always was deeply engaged in the YMCA (locally spoken Cevi - an organisation very similar to the scouts in Switzerland).

Christian Sailer

As a Geographer, you have to discover our earth, as a cyclist you have to travel by bicycle and as a scout you have to use your life experience.

So, when I heard of the first challenge of the Tourdafrique in 2003, I knew it that I have to face this challenge as well. It became a goal or better a dream which I wanted to realize sometimes in my life.

Now at 2012, my dream comes true!

My employer „ESRI Germany/Switzerland“ accepts a longer break, the cash amount for conducting this expedition is safe thanks to my benefactors and sponsors, and last but not least my girlfriend supports me in this big event and is going to welcome me in CapeTown.

My goals are to experience the real Africa! Experiencing nature and culture with a few of multinational like-minded people; that is the reason to visit the exciting Africa through the longest bicycle-race in the world!

And now a video for first impression about my four months...

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